Adults and parents fear. We care about the health, safety, economic security and the future of our family. But most families need money where your heart is through life insurance. This question is of hypocrisy, but the lack of research and financial literacy. According to a study happened Limra life, and from this year, 65% of families do not buy life insurance because they think it’s too expensive.

To show that this is asked a common misconception, the research Americans estimate the cost of 20 years, the $ 250,000 level term life insurance healthy 30-year-old man. Eight of the 10 to overestimate the cost, saying it would be $ 400 per year, which is more than twice the actual cost of about 160 dollars per year, or about $ 13 a month. Surprisingly, one in four believes that it cost more than $ 1000 per year.

And you know that if you have serious health problems or pre-existing free high risk likely require a high insurance risk, obtain affordable cover is really easy.

Since life insurance is a very
You can put the real cost of life insurance standpoint, here are the 10 products or services that people use on a regular basis the money from the cost-plus term life insurance premium would be good for the health of 30 years $ 13 per month.
Food – the National Defence resources, Americans are losing about $ 529 per year or $ 44 per month for undesirable snacks and meals.
Alcohol – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American consumer to 1% of their disposable income on alcohol spend.
Tobacco – For families with smokers, 14% of income Americans spent cigarettes.
A gym membership – monthly you spend on fitness $ 30, the company has 24 hours could be better used to finance its policy of life insurance.
Electronics – The new 55 “LED TV at the price $ 800 could be used to cover about five years long-term life insurance.
– On average, $ 50 to publish new games. You will not believe your children would prefer financial security of the game, he / she will play for a few months

In their next car purchase of $ 3,000 and a six-year loan period and 0% APR Save underspending $ 500 per year or $ 40 a month – Cars.
Gadget – Depending on the model, you can get the iPad costs about $ 550 tax years, almost three and a half years of premiums.
Entertainment – A few movie tickets, popcorn and drink a total of $ 25.
Fashion – jeans cost $ 50 or more.

Save money and finance their life insurance policy is not to make life a living hell. In fact, the average cost of life insurance are so small compared to its overall budget, that even small concessions, such as reducing waste and limiting frivolous purchases to sufficient funds to purchase much-needed financial instrument can not be opened.
Finally, peace and a sense of pride to ensure the financial future of your family as a temporary pleasure materialistic buying.

NOTE:20 ways “Americans are” blowing their money. Alcohol. “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American consumer” dedicates 1 percent of

Alcohol – “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American consumer” spends 1% of their Gym Membership – The $30 “per month you spend on” a