One of the many reasons Americans have no life insurance is that they believe they will not qualify, or if eligible, the price will be very expensive. This is not always the case.
Many people are able to find affordable coverage, despite the common health conditions. Life insurance companies will determine the rates depending on the severity of the condition and is being processed or not. With the help of a doctor, a condition can be controlled so that it has minimal impact on the life insurance rates. life insurance companies face risks, giving guests a health rating. In general, standard three notes are more preferred and most convenient. In general, there may be a change from 20% to 30% of a note to another, according to the company. Examples of common health conditions and how life insurance companies can meet.
High blood pressure: High blood pressure, or hypertension, can lead to serious health problems if not managed. womanhood having medicationinsurance companies will determine the class fee a client, depending on the severity of the condition and whether or not controlled with medication. Usually, someone with 150/90 or less with drugs can qualify for normal rates. The preferential rate would probably be for someone with 140/90 or lower, without medication.

High cholesterol: more than 102 million Americans over 20 have high cholesterol. This is defined as the total cholesterol level of 200 mg / dL. Life insurance companies can classify it as a regular with cholesterol does not exceed 300-350 mg / dL. Less than 250 mg / dl may benefit from a preferential rate, whereas 220 mg / dL or less with drugs could put it in the preferred class.
Anxiety: 18% of the US population suffers from anxiety, making it the most common form of mental illness. life insurance companies as a risk, it can lead to

other health problems such as depression, addiction and insomnia. Successful candidates who are in anxiety medication prescribed by a primary care physician can usually qualify for the preferred class and health.


Obesity: With more than 33% of Americans are affected by obesity, is one of the most common health conditions that life insurance companies treat. Most businesses use the number of body mass index (BMI) to determine if the class of a candidate rate. Usually, a person with a BMI 26-28 may qualify for preferred and, while a BMI of 27-34 may be preferred, and 35 to 38 or more will be standard.

Acid reflux: With nearly 19 million Americans diagnosed with acid reflux (GERD), which ranks as one of the most common health conditions. As it can lead to ulcers and cancer potentially life insurance companies see it as a risk. The good news is that most people who treat their mild GERD with over the counter medications may qualify for a rate of more preferred. Those taking orders for mild to moderate GERD can qualify for preferred and moderate to severe GERD treatment or surgery be to qualify for the standard rates.

Do not let the fear of high prices keep you from getting life insurance coverage you need. Millions of people suffer from these common health conditions, and many of them could be eligible for a preferred class or most preferred rates. Remember that many of these conditions can be improved with the help of a medical, medication, diet and exercise.

NOTE: Retirement Plan Management, With “the help of a” doctor, a condition “can be” managed “so that it has minimal impact on life insurance rates”