Purchasing  a life insurance policy is one of the wisest decisions a person will ever make. Life insurance tends to provide   excellent saving offers for our loved ones and this secures their future financial status.  The process of buying an insurance policy is quite simple unless you have pre-existing serious illnesses. Many insurance companies do not offer insurance coverage for people with serious diseases. Diabetes is a serious illness and was not previously covered by life insurance policies. In other words, people with pre-existing diabetes, anyway, are not eligible for any kind of life insurance. However, this has now changed with most insurance providers that offer attractive living coverage for diabetic patients.

 Buying life insurance for diabetic Patients:
Diabetes has many complications and acute health disorder  throughout life. Well it is controllable, which  is associated with health problems, including a myriad of heart and kidney diseases. Diabetes is considered a major health hazard and a serious illness. Different types of diabetes, including type I diabetes or type II or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and insulin dependent gestational diabetes. India is popularly known as the “capital of diabetes” with 4% of the total population suffering from one of these types of diabetes. Considering the nature of this fatal disease, any diabetic patient  or person  with a family history of diabetes would be covered with a decent life insurance. Many Indian insurers have introduced attractive policies for safe diabetes care. These policies are multifunctional and they can also be purchased in-line with minimal complications.


These policies not only provide greater financial support, but also help diabetic patients  effectively manage their health conditions. People suffering from type II diabetes and those with pre-diabetic phase of life with a family history of diabetes can opt for affordable  acute  illness programs. This life insurance programs  are ideal for maximum coverage of pre-existing diabetes and pre-diabetes. Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions for obtaining life insurance policies for diabetics in India are as follows.
• The applicant must be in the group of 26-65 years old.

 • This policy can be renewed up to 70 years

• the original copies of medical bills, prescriptions and medical reports are required.

Benefits of critical illness  Programes:

• Well-being are organized by the insurer that offers free exams every year.

• lump sum payment and premium waiver for diagnosis of diabetes in pre-diabetic phase.

. • premium rate decrease if the illness is under control for a long period of time.

 •Optional  life  insurance coverage  for foot disease, kidneys and eye diseases.

•  Tax benefit under Section 80D of Indian Income Tax Act..

In addition to these benefits, when you buy life insurance policies with diabetes, the insurer also initiates measures for the management of diabetes. Some insurance companies offer web support, seminars and timely free tests for patients to keep them healthy for a longer period of time.